CPR NashvilleOne of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had is being an instructor for a first responder course. I enjoyed showing people the proper way to perform at CPR Nashville, what signs to look for when it needed to done, and then some basic knowledge on how to remain calm in an emergency situation. I saw people from many different walks of life, and when the course was over, it always made me feel better that I had done something that made a difference.

Some of the companies and people that became certified in CPR needed to because of a requirement for work. Many people in the medical industry were part of the courses. Doctors, nurses, and technicians were often part of the courses throughout the years. Many times even those who worked in the office would also want to be certified in CPR, even though not all of them were required to. Many secretaries and human resource workers wanted to have the skill because they worked so closely with the doctors and their patients. They did not want to be in a situation that they could not handle because they lacked a little bit of basic knowledge about the industry they were in.

Almost all first responders are required to be certified in CPR. Police officers, Firefighters, EMT’s and more all get called to emergency situations and never know what to expect. They have a lot on their plate and their reaction at a moments notice can make all of the difference in whether or a not a life is saved. I noticed when I taught the first response course, that even if these people were not required to be certified, most of them wanted to be in order to be able to perform their best.

Fight attendants and pilots also made a point to be certified in CPR. After all, when you are in the air, you don’t have the option to call an ambulance and get help immediately like you can when you are grounded. They want to be prepared in any situation that can occur. Especially when people can get very nervous before flying and may even take a medication to calm these nerves that they are not used to taking.

Teachers and daycare workers aren’t always required to get certified in CPR but many of them choose to be. They want be able to understand how CPR can be different when performing it on a child versus an adult. Knowledge is a great way to stay calm in a stressful moment that can make the difference between life and death.

Even though I no longer teach first response courses, I take them every two years in order to keep up with my certification. I think it is an important skill to have and you never know when you’ll find yourself in a place that it will come in useful. I take my entire family with me and that gives me peace of mind knowing that even when I am not with them, they’ll be educated.