Last year, my wife was injured on the job. She was just standing there, minding her own business, doing her job which is not at all “dangerous”, and a coworker dropped a heavy package on her foot, shattering the bones and leaving her in need of surgery to repair the damage.

Once the surgery was complete, she still had significant nerve damage and pain, as well as a slight limp to her walk. We were frustrated and angry, and had no idea what to do. She had tried the physical therapy through the hospital where her surgery was done, and she saw little results. Plus, they weren’t very helpful or friendly, let alone understanding. We had given up hope and accepted that she would never be the same. Her pain was so severe some days that she didn’t want to leave the house. She stopped running, which was her life outside work and family, and she missed out on family time with our kids because she didn’t feel like “slowing everyone down”. It’s amazing how pain can change a person. It was affecting our entire lives.

One day a friend from our church noticed my wife’s changed disposition and her trouble getting around. She told me that a similar situation had happened with her husband and that they began therapies and treatments through Advance Health and Wellness, a chiropractic office in Franklin. A chiropractor? But she wasn’t experiencing back pain, her problems weren’t at all related to her back…They stemmed from a foot injury… A break at that. Why would we go to a chiropractor? How could they possibly help? I was skeptical, but she assured me that the chiropractors and team of other specialists at Advanced Health and Wellness Chiropractic worked wonders for her husband. I figured why not… We may as well try all we can to get her health back…And our lives!

When I told my wife the idea, of course she was skeptical like I was. A chiropractic practice? No. She wasn’t going to get her hopes up again just to have them dashed by nothing changing. She didn’t want to miss more work, go through more pain doing therapies that wouldn’t help, just to be disappointed. And to use up money in our Spending Account or put more claims on our insurance? That was out of the question, too. After a lot of discussion, and a plea from our kids, she caved. We called and scheduled a no-obligation consultation, and readied ourselves for the unknown. I prayed we’d see results.

At our first appointment, everyone was so friendly, not at all judgmental, and walked us through the entire process: what she could expect, what results she may see, what exactly all their therapies were… They were honest and open and informative. All things the last place was not. Though we were more comfortable, my wife and I were still skeptical, until that first appointment. There was some pain relief right after her first treatment! And as we continued, as she went to appointments, saw the different specialists, and completed different therapies and treatments, my wife saw a complete change in her pain, her limp, and perhaps most important of all, her outlook and attitude.

Thanks to Advanced Health and Wellness Chiropractic, my wife has her life back…And I have my wife back! Call them today. You won’t be disappointed.


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There are so many exciting things you can do to your landscape in every season. I have always had a lot of ideas about how I want my landscaping Franklin TN business to look, but it is my landscaping company that makes it alive. When you dream of having a beautiful landscape that will make your neighbors envy your lawn, you should enlist a little help. Here are a few things that I did to give my lawn that extra touch.

First, I made a list of everything that I wanted to achieve with my landscape. I then decided what I had the capabilities of doing with my family or on my own and I did those things. There were a few items on the list I thought I could do myself, but once it really came down to it, I realized that they were harder than I initially realized.

Second, once I completed the tasks on my own, I called in a professional landscaper. I knew I had to find a local company that I could trust because my lawn is so important to me. It is one place that I find joy in life after a long day at work, and it has the ability to distress me. So, I knew that if I didn’t get the most honest landscape service available, it would take a toll on the landscape that I loved so much.

Third, I decided that if I was going to hire a professional landscaper that I needed to go all out. I had always wanted a stone fire pit to entertain my friends and family around. All of the kids could roast marshmallows around it, but let’s face it, when reading a good book I would be the one roasting marshmallows and hot dogs myself.

I also decided that I wanted to have more seating and a water feature to drown out the noise of the busy road that is a fourth of a mile from my house. It’s not always loud, but when traffic gets heavy, dogs start barking and horns start honking. You can hear semi-trucks rushing by and it can be a huge distraction when entertaining. I wanted to resolve this issue, but I didn’t want to do it in a way that was tacky or involved everyone having to stay indoors on the most beautiful nights.

The fourth thing I did was managed my budget, so I could afford everything that I had been dreaming of. After getting a quote from my local landscaping company, I realized that I wasn’t that far off. And that was exciting news for me. It only took about three more weeks of saving and soon everything was underway.

Once the project was complete, I couldn’t believe that I had waited so long to make it happen. Sometimes there is only so much you can do on your own before you have to call in the experts. My patio and landscape look incredible and the only problem is I have gained five pounds because of all of the marshmallows.