It was exciting to watch my business grow. What started as a four-person operation now employed over two hundred people and stretched across three states. For a long time, we used would just reimburse our employees for the computers they bought and we asked that they start a free email account using any outlet that they wanted. We just asked they incorporate their name and the company’s initials in the address. It didn’t take long to notice that this method just wasn’t working anymore.

We started seeing problems when employees that did not have to work out of our main office were having issues with their email. They didn’t know where to turn when this happened and we could see that our business was suffering because of it. I called a meeting with all of the top executives, so we could come with a game plan.

The first thing on our list was we knew we needed to hire someone for IT work. We didn’t know if we wanted to contract someone out, or if it would be better suited to bring someone in internally for all of our information technology needs. So we decided to make a list of all of the things that we needed to hire an IT companies in Nashville TN employee for.

It was our email system that caused the problem that alerted us to this meeting in the first place. We wanted a more professional email system with better email addressed for our employees. We also wanted to have the technical support to fix the email if any issues came up. We had always relied on our employees to resolve the issues with the particular email they had decided on.

Once we added emails to the list of reasons to hire an IT specialist, we decided we wanted a system for company files that would often have to copied, scanned, and emailed to the different people that required it. Basically we needed to have an information hub that all of the employees had access to. We wanted our customer service representative to have one as well, but with separate information because their job is unique to the sales force.

We also wanted a person who was responsible for the hardware that we provided our employees. In the past, we had always allowed the individual choose the laptop they wanted, but we found that some people were getting laptops that lasted years, while others would need repairs or replacements more frequently. Having an IT specialist would allow us to be on the same page and understand any computer issues that people were having. They would also have the knowledge to choose the best brands.

Security was another topic of discussion. We wanted all of our company information to be protected. Once we started brainstorming about why we needed an IT specialist on board, the decision become easy and we started searching for the a good company and candidate for the job the second our meeting was over. We couldn’t wait to get someone in place.

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